Data-Driven Analysis

Time For Homes believes in a methodical, rigorous approach. As such we have a Data for Good program that captures a variety of data from both government sources and other nonprofit organizations in order to drive change in the most efficient manner possible.

We seek to:

  • find the root causes of homelessness

  • model the efficacy of our proposals and programs

  • predict the cost-savings we can realize by solving this problem on a systemic level

Time For Homes recognizes that it is exponentially more difficult to improve a program if we aren’t able to measure its success. We operate under a theory of change that allows us to constantly evaluate our operations, with perpetual feedback loops that are built-in at each stage and level of our projects.

This further allows us to be transparent, creating richer, longer-lasting connections between us and our stakeholders.

In addition to ensuring we are guided by accurate data and analysis at all times, we share our data science programming and resources with our partner organizations.